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Have you looked at Instagram and wondered how they get those beautiful nails? I know I have, and here’s the answer – shellac! I’ve heard it lasts about two weeks (yay!), but costs at least $20 a pop (boo!)! That’s a lotta money, honey! We’re talking over $400 a year to paint my nails! I don’t think that’s going to happen in the Fontaine household anytime soon…Shellac Hack Nail Polish Lasts for 7 Days The Clumsy Wife

I just knew there had to be a way to get all the benefits of a shellac manicure without shelling out my hard-earned dough. First, I thought about purchasing a UV lamp set. I could paint my nails, cure the polish with the lamp, and the polish would last longer with less chipping. After I realized a lamp would cost around $100, I decided to search for another solution.

Then my life was changed when I stumbled across this shellac hack post from Mint Arrow! Okay that’s probably a little dramatic, but seriously, my nail polish life will never be the same!

To get this cheap, long-lasting manicure you’ll need to run to your local Sally Beauty Supply store and pick up a few supplies:

  • Gelous Nail Gel $5.99
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $8.99
  • China Glaze Nail Polish $6.99

$15 Shellac Hack The Clumsy Wife

Total: $21.97 – but here’s a Clumsy Wife tip! Sometimes at Sally’s you can get a FREE China Glaze Nail Polish with the purchase of a Seche Vite Top Coat, so your total would only be $14.98! You can’t beat a shellac hack manicure for under $15!

Now that you’ve got your supplies, you can start the shellac hack! My steps are very similar to the tutorial on Mint Arrow; here’s how I roll:

1 THIN layer of Gelous

1 THIN layer of China Glaze Nail Polish

1 THIN layer of Gelous

1 THIN layer of China Glaze Nail Polish

1 THIN layer of Seche Vite Top Coat

The Clumsy Wife Tips:

  • Use the SPECIFIC brands listed under my supplies. I’ve tried this manicure with other brands of nail polish and China Glaze will give you the best results! I’ve found using another brand of polish will make the manicure chip much faster. I’ve also been really impressed with the Sech Vite Top Coat because it doesn’t make your nail polish bubble like some other top coats.
  • I emphasized THIN in my step-by-step process on purpose. You need each layer to be as thin as possible. This will cut the drying time and make the process a lot quicker. Plus with all the coats you don’t need gobs of nail polish with each layer.
  • Before the first coat, lightly file the top of each nail to give the polish something to stick to.
  • Allow each coat to fully dry before beginning the next step.

Want to know the best part of the shellac hack? Your manicure will last up to 7 days with super minimal chipping!!! It’s way better than just painting your nails and totally worth a trip to Sally’s.

Shellac Hack Peace The Clumsy Wife Red Nail PolishFollow along with me on Instagram to see an update for the next 7 days! The proof will be in the photos!

If you try the shellac hack make sure to tag me in your photos @theclumsywife, I’d love to see the results! Use #clumsywifehack to get in on all the fun!

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